'Baba Ka Dhaba' will make Indian economy #1. Know how?

‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ will make Indian economy #1. Know how?

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Probably an 80-years-old man was crying because he’ll not have a Netflix subscription. Or else he want to buy a newly launched smartphone. It could also be that he want to go out for a chill.

Hello all, I’m talking about the most popular aged couple nowadays on social media, 80-years-old Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi.

The couple sells home-cooked food from a roadside kiosk.

The couple is trending by a video shot by blogger Gaurav Wasan.

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Gaurav Wasan shared the video of this aged couple on his youtube channel Swad Official.

Gaurav Wasan made this video to help the couple for the kiosk marketing.

In South Delhi, the kiosk is at Malviya Nagar.

” From 88 “, replied the old man Kanta Prasad when the blogger asked, How long have you been working here?

The limited movement affected the kiosk to a large extent.

The kiosk was generating good revenue for us before the lockdown, but it became worse after the lockdown.

Further, they told that they arrive early in the morning at 6:30, and the food is ready by 9:30.

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Kanta Prasad mentioned in the video, “It is 1:30 PM, and we have been able to earn only 70 rupees till now.” and started crying.

Well, if you’re from those who’re holding thoughts which I mentioned in the first line of this article.

Then my friend you’re wrong. Instead, he was crying because there is no one to feed them and his business i.e; the kiosk was not doing so well.

But here is what to learn.

After this video got viral people are only considering the power of social media.

Yes, social media is very powerful.

Social media helps the people on internet to bring their attention towards businesses like Baba Ka Dhaba, as Zomato an online food delivery platform, added Baba Ka Dhaba on its platform and ask users to help get local restaurants listed.

Tweet by Zomato

However, due to social media, Baba Ka Dhaba is so crowded nowadays that Kanta Prasad is not able to take care of all customers as seen in the another video available on the public platforms.

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But you can’t ignore the other aspect of this incident.

And which is the support of people to the small businesses.

There are many Baba Ka Dhaba like businesses out there who need people’s attention.

Probably no Gaurav Wasan will make a video for them. But people like you and I can help them a lot, not by making videos but by buying their product.

You might be thinking that “I know it, what new I got here?

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Look at it from a different perspective i.e; next time when you go out to buy something branded from a big player.

Recall the crying face of the 80+ years old man Kanta Prasad who was crying due to slow down in revenue from which he could pay his bills.

The next time you go out shopping, buy from small shops it may mismatch your standard but it can give the shopkeeper a good life. If you don’t like, don’t buy everything from small businesses, but as much as possible.

Always remember that if an 80-year-old couple is working at a kiosk, they are working not for luxury but food.

Supporting small businesses can make their life better.

Consequently, the country in which they are living will at least depend on imports, which will make the economy stronger.

The majority of us don’t like small businesses product.

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Certainly, some of those products may have some issues that you can avoid, but not in all products.

By supporting small businesses you also help the economy for its growth.

To make Indian economy #1 you must support small businesses.

That’s all, which I had to tell you about ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ will make Indian economy #1. Know how?.

Thank you all for reading this article. If you like my efforts then please spread them on social media. It’ll help me a lot.

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And I am going to write another article for you. Till then, happy reading!

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