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What is the big thing in life? What should you strive for?

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Hello all, many times you have heard people say that what is the big thing in life and what should one strive for? What kind of life should you strive for?

Many times when you get free from your busy routine you often like to talk to your acquaintances and friends. During gossip, a very common question comes to you again and again, what is the big thing in life and what you think about it?

One day, someone asked me the same question and I got stuck into this question. I could not find anything to answer. Then I changed the subject very cleverly without anyone noticing. At that time my move saved me from embarrassment but this question stuck in my mind.

Later again someone asked me the same question. I used the same procedure and again avoided the question. This time I made up my mind to find the answer to this question and then I went to my room and started analyzing the question to get the answer. After much thinking, I found something very important, which I am going to share it with you all.

I hope you will be as eager as I am to tell you. Hope you like it. So please read on…

During the contemplation, I divided the question into small terms. One term which I got first was ‘Big Thing‘. My mind became curious to know what the ‘Big Thing‘ is in this question?

What does ‘Big Thing‘ mean in this question?

How would you define the term ‘Big Thing‘?

It can vary from one person to another. But first, let’s understand the meaning of ‘Big Thing‘.

Well, my sense told me that the ‘Big Thing’ is the one you consider the most valuable.

Stop and don’t read for a while and think about this question.

What is the one thing you consider the most valuable?
I hope you have done this exercise. Tell me in the comments section. I am looking forward to your awesome comments.

By now we have come to know what the ‘Big Thing‘ represents in this question. Let’s move forward.

If I make my point, first of all, I would like to talk about life before going to the word ‘Big Thing‘.

There are two types of life we are living and if not we are expecting. The first is successful and the second is an unsuccessful life. Everyone wants to live a successful life and if not they strive for it. We are all humans. We like to be social. We like to make friends and meet them from time to time.

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We get respect according to how valuable we are to others, what we can give to others. Most of us like this kind of respect. No matter how fake it is or how much not but we all love such respect deeply. That is another matter that we never accept it publicly.

Now, the definition of ‘Big Things‘ which I mentioned above has been shifted from one person to society.
Here’s how the definition of ‘Big Things‘ has changed, ‘Big Thingsis what society considers the most valuable.

And that is MONEY. It is the only thing which is considered the most valuable by society.

You may be thinking how can I say this so vocally. Look closely at your surroundings. More than half of our decisions are based on and influenced by how much the money we have and how much we want to accumulate.

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Money buys luxury cars, branded clothes, and expensive homes for you. Think consciously and you will find that most people around you work for money because they know that it can bring them respect in society.

Your parents only give you suggestions on any subject after considering your financial health. People go abroad to earn money. They sacrifice many things to earn money.

It is also believed that the amount of respect you get from others is equal to the amount you have in your bank account.

But people don’t accept this bitter truth. They keep saying that for them the very important and big things are family, friends, relatives, love, affection, peace, happiness etc. above all the things. But their actions contradict this belief.

So, what do I mean when I say that money is the only thing that is considered the most valuable thing? Do I mean that you should sacrifice everything more than money. Do I mean things like family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances do not have value in front of money?

No. Never. Money cannot move beyond family, friends, relatives, love, affection, peace, and happiness. Even the primary purpose of life is to enjoy it. But the purpose of this article is to make you understand that never let others and your ideas convince you that money is not everything.

When you say that money is not everything. Naturally, you focus on the failure of money rather than seeing its potential.

Think that money can do a lot of things. The concept of everything does not fall under the principle of money. Because it is a tool for the exchange of goods and services. Look at money from a different perspective.

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Things that can be done with the help of money cannot be done by other things. It can bring a lot of freedom with enjoyment.

You should work for wealth(or make wealth work for you). But never let money dominate you. It is a tool to live a happy life and not a happy life.

I hope you got what I tried to convey.

Post your comments related to this article in the comment box below. I will look forward to your suggestions and viewpoints.

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