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Baba Ramdev was taught by Dashanan Ravana. Know how?

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Baba Ramdev was taught by Dashanan Ravana. Hello all. Today is the day on which good won over evil. On this day i.e, Dussehra Lord Rama killed Dashanan Ravana and redeemed the earth from Ravana’s tyranny.

The title of this article Baba Ramdev was taught by Dashanan Ravana. Know how? may be ridiculous for you but it is not.

Dashanan Ravana was a very popular character in Ramayana.

Ravana is considered evil, as he kidnapped Mata Sita (wife of Lord Rama).

But apart from this, I also found some very interesting facts about Ravana. I got 5 marketing lessons from Ravana which I’m going to share with you all.

These 5 marketing lessons from Ravana surprised me for a few minutes that perhaps Baba Ramdev (an expert in ‘How to Sell’ for many of us) was taught by Dashanan Ravana.

So, let’s have a look over 5 marketing lessons from Dashanan Ravana :

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Never try to underestimate anyone

Ravana had the boon of not being killed by anyone other than humans and apes.

Because he considered apes and humans very weak. So he didn’t include humans and apes in his boon.

Later apes (vanara sena) killed him. And conquered Lanka. One should also follow this in marketing.

Here is what to learn : Never underestimate your competitor. You don’t know how much potential your competitor has. You don’t know which next move of your competitor can pull you down.

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Never let your attention be diverted from the market. Any mistake will destroy your reputation in the eyes of your ideal customer.

Any flaws in this process can be used by your competitor against you.

Always obey your principles

Despite kidnapping Mata Sita. You must have heard many people praising Ravana, that he was the master of a wonderful intellect.

Many people compliment Ravana in this way. This is because he never touched Mata Sita.

It was his principle not to have misconceptions about any woman.

Also, he never went against her wish to marry. He never violated his principles. He always followed his principles.

Here is what to learn : Always follow your principle. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

No matter what you are facing in your business, you should follow your principle.

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(Since you can use these corporate lessons in any kind of business but here I’m taking Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali as an example.)

Baba Ramdev never left his principle i.e; promoting Ayurveda. He never went out of his principle of promoting Ayurveda.

Never share your secret to anyone

The next lesson I got from Ravana is that never share your secret to anyone not even with your family members.

Sharing his secret was the main reason for Ravana’s death as he shared that no weapon can kill him unless it strikes his navel.

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But Vibhishana (Ravana’s brother) was well aware of the fact which later led to Ravana’s death.

Here is what to learn : Your marketing secret is one on which your entire profession depends.

Always keep your secrets away from immoral thinking.

Listen carefully to what your well wishers are saying

Mandodri (Ravana’s wife) was very much advised him to surrender in front of Lord Rama but there is a saying in Indian culture i.e; Destruction black opposite wisdom.

But Ravana was so arrogant that he thought it is okay to ignore Mandodari’s advice and moved on.

Here is what to learn : When you are surrounded by a lot of problems, you often do not understand the problem and are unable to come up with the solution.

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You don’t see the aspect which contains the way to get rid of it.

Those who are your well wishers can help you get out of such situations. Listen to them carefully

Consider both sides of the situation closely before making any decision

All conflict could have disappeared if Ravana had carefully comprehended the whole story in which Lakshmana had cut off the nose of Surpnakha (Sister of Ravana).

Who was trying to forcefully marry Lord Rama, even knowing that Lord Rama had already married Mata Sita.

Here is what to learn : Your life is a decision. If you are doing nothing, you are still deciding not to do anything.

No matter what kind of life you are living, it is a result of the decisions you have taken in the past.

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In marketing, one spread awareness for the product and services he/she is offering among his ideal customers.

The marketers need to ensure that marketing can take their product either top of the sky or down the ocean. Therefore, one should be very cautious about the pros and cons of the process.

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