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Why Should You Not Cheat A Prospect As A Seller?

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Hello all, relationship in any occupation is the key to become a successful professional. Often you may have heard that your net worth is determined by your network.

The sales profession proves it very clearly.

The relationship between the customer and the sales professional is a very significant factor for the successful sales profession.

Here I am going to give you an insight as to why you should not cheat the prospect as a seller?

So, please read on…

In the sales profession or any profession, you have to do a lot of work to achieve the target.

You have to go through an uneasy process to achieve success in that profession.

Success takes time along with firm determination and patience.

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Besides, people strive for shortcuts. They want to achieve the same success through different efforts.

In the sales profession, many sellers want to make a profit in any way.

They don’t take care whether the product they’re offering will help the prospect or not. And in the guise of this, they cheat their customer.

As a result, the relationship-making process deteriorates.

We all know that our actions are the result of thoughts going on in our minds. Our thoughts run our life.

Whenever you (as a sales professional) make any modification in the process and gives the information which doesn’t match the features of the product you’re offering sows the seeds of guilt in your mind.

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You can make a profit at that time but later you will have to pay the price.

Someday you want to sell so much that you can deliberately confuse the customer to buy. And you succeed. But what will happen later?

Your sense of guilt will grip you and the next time you see your customer, you’ll be self-conscious, ill at ease.

You’ll be thinking, ‘Has the customer come to know that I have put something?’ Your presentation will be ineffective that you can’t concentrate.

Chances are you’ll never make the second, third, fourth, and the many repeat sales.

In the long run, making the sale using a strategy that will hurt your conscience will cost you a lot of income.

Generally, when you do anything that goes contrary to your conscience, you feel guilty. and this guilty feeling jams your thought process.

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You can’t think straight because your mind is asking ‘Will I get caught? Will I get caught?

Sometimes, you become so success-oriented that you don’t care about the process.

You unknowingly follow the path that doesn’t obey your principles.

Later, you get to know that you did something wrong.

After a deep analysis, you feel guilty which subconsciously influences your ability to sell.

You may also relate this to your childhood.

When you used to copy from another student in the exam, there was a kind of fear in your mind that you should not be caught. Which affects your ability to do well in the exam.

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As a sales professional, you may lose your grip over your profession due to the intense fear of getting caught.

Misleading the customer will make you a suspicious agent. It will kill your confidence.

On the other hand, if you follow your principles to be a good sales professional. You will be in a better place than ever.

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