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What Everybody Ought To Know About Sales Profession?

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You’re a good negotiator, a good persuader. You are well aware of the product you are selling. You know very well how to present the feature and benefit of your product. But do you think that you are beneficial in the sales profession? Do you think that you achieved your target by being a good negotiator? Do you think that these are the only skills to be a pro seller?

Hello everyone, once again I’m here for you with an interesting topic ‘ What Everybody Ought To Know About Sales Profession? ‘ In this blog, you’d get to know that which one skill makes a sales professional successful? What makes the sales profession the most lucrative profession among all? and all the aforementioned questions.

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In our daily life, there are lots of decisions we need to go through. Some of them are independent and some of them are dependent. If it is independent then we can take them own self but if it is not independent i.e. dependent we require others’ consent.

And this is where the art of negotiation, persuasion, and convincing others comes in the scenario.

By using these arts you can gain agreement and support from others on your ideas. You can prepare others to work on your vision.

This also applies in the sales profession but the question is what is that one thing for which you’re here?

So, that one thing is the art of closing.

But what is closing? Why one should be a good closer?

In sales, the closing is the moment where you get something in return of offering and showing the value of your product to the prospect.

This is the point when the prospect is fully sold on the product or service you are offering and is ready to give you whatever you are asking to get the product or service.

This is the moment where you get a reward in the form of commission for solving a problem of the prospect.

In any kind of profession or sale, if you’re giving your valuable time or effort, then you want to get a valuable thing in return. And if you don’t get what are desired for, then there is no exchange, no exchange means no close.

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You only take action when you need something. If the thing which you’re working for, doesn’t get then there is no action.

The action is always associated with the result.

You’re seller because you want commission or money. You want money because you have to pay bills.

Doesn’t matter how well you’re in persuasion or negotiation, if there is no agreement at last then there would be no commission for you.

Closing is the most sensitive moment in sales because it is the moment where the seller gets his reward.

You might be thinking about how I can devalue the importance of negotiation and persuasion in sales?

So, dear readers, I want to tell you that I’m not devaluing your art of presenting the product, but despite being a good talking way and an art of conversation, if valuable things are not exchanged, then there is no sale.

Receiving praise by the prospect is not what you’re working for, but there must be an agreement.

Closing is the finishing point of the sales profession. This completes the selling process. And this is ‘ What Everybody Ought To Know About Sales Profession? ‘


In GITA, Lord Krishna said that ‘ Do your duty without thinking about results ‘ is true but your actions in sales should be result oriented.

You should prepare yourself for the presentation keeping in mind the closing moment.

Good presentation, proper knowledge of the product, clear negotiation with high confidence are recommended in sales but if you can’t handle the last moment i.e. ‘ closing ‘ then there is no use of being you a seller.

The above skills are recommended but if you’re unable to close means you left something while presentation.

There must be a transaction for valuable things this is where sales complete.

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