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The Secret Of Active Listening In Sales

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The things that prevent people from buying your product, they say it in very few words and in an unconscious state which becomes difficult for the sales professionals.

And then ‘ Active Listening ‘ comes in the scenario.

So, what are active listening and its importance in sales? Why should you as a salesperson become a good listener? How one can become a good active listener? What are the disadvantages of not being a good listener?

Hello everyone, again in this blog we will introduce you to another quality of sales professional, today we will discuss ‘The Secret of Active Listening in Sales‘.

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What are active listening and its importance in sales?

Active listening means listening to someone actively or with undivided concentration.

Active listening is the quality of good communication. It is the quality of a person to listen to the speaker with full concentration. It makes communication efficient.

Active listening helps listeners to understand what is being said and what it means. In this, you have to focus your attention on the one who speaks, without deviating your attention.

It is the most important skill of a salesperson in sales. By this, a seller can extract the objection that is stopping the prospect from buying the product.

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Many times, the seller ignores the prospect and pays a higher cost by not making sales.

An image of sellers remains in people’s minds that they dominate the customer to sell their product. Active listening distinguishes them from others. Majority of Sales professionals only want to close the deal by speaking and not by listening. They ignore the importance of active listening in the guise of achieving their target.

Tesla, which is known for its electric car, has also recognized the importance of active listening. Most sellers try to close the deal through forceful conversation to achieve the target and ignores the customer’s needs.

As they are incentivized through commission, they try to convert their views into prospect’s regardless of what the customer want.

They avoid active listening.

That is why Tesla focused on making the sales available online to improve customer experience. Tesla eliminates these salespeople by selling online.

Active listeners make the customer feels that the seller is serious about their needs.

Active listening builds a relationship. People like those who pay attention to them. Stop your words and listen to other’s words, help you a lot as a seller.

Active listening makes them feel that you (the seller) not only want to sell your product but also want to solve their problem.

You should sell something morally without deception. For that, active listening can help you to extract the objection.

Making eye contact makes the customers feel that this meeting is very important for them and you have not met them all of a sudden.

Active listening makes the service of a seller more efficient.

You may have also encountered a situation where you have bought a product from a seller, which is priced higher than the product of the other seller, who is selling the same product at a lower price.

You may not be able to explain this properly, but the real answer is that you liked the service of that seller. And it can be anything, even active listening or behavior or something else.

When a salesperson actively listens to the prospect, he not only listens to the words but can also understand the prospect’s body language. This allows the seller to easily estimate the prospect’s emotional state. And that may be used to close the deal.


As we know,

Selling is nothing but the art of negotiating, persuading, and convincing others. It is an art to make others believe in your beliefs, preparing others to take actions under your leadership.

It also includes Active listening.

We all like to speak. When someone asks us for advice, we immediately start guiding them.

When we are meeting a prospect we often focus more on speaking rather than listening. People continue to speak, whether others are interested in them or not.

They ignore that communication is not only about speaking but also listening.

Active listening has great importance in sales. It can dramatically increase sales.

As a salesperson, you need to listen to the words as well as the prospect’s feelings.

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