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Price is not the problem in sales

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” High price is not the problem is sales “. ” Price is not the problem in sales “.

What explanation are you getting from these two lines? What is the difference between ‘Price’ and ‘High Price’?

Why I didn’t use ‘High Price’ as the heading of this blog? What impact these two terms put on sales?

How these two terms influence the sales process?

I think one needs to become a good salesperson before becoming a good entrepreneur.

And for this, you should know the answer to all the above questions.

You should know what role does price play to close the deal?

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So let’s continue the learning process once again with this new blog…

Recall the scenario when you have seen a product and you have a strong desire to get that product. So intense that you have fallen in love with that product more than with your money.

I am sure that you will have faced such situations many times in life.

Can you answer me, how important that product has become to you compared to your hard-earned money?

I suggest you stop for a while in this blog and think about this question.
So what your answer is…

Probably your answer would be something like…

I felt:

  • This product would make my life easier.
  • The product was the perfect solution for which that was made.
  • If I purchase this product everyone would appreciate my choice.
  • I’ll regret if I don’t buy this product.
  • I will never get this product again at this reasonable price.

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Value ‘ of the product and your ‘ attitude ‘ towards that product are the two things that made the product more important compared to your hard-earned money.

If the prospect sees any value within the product and their behavior is objection-free towards that product they would buy the product regardless of the price.

It is the benefit of the product that helps the sales professional to close the deal.

In your daily life, you can see that people think about the benefits associated with a high-priced product.

And those who find themselves unable to think about the benefits associated with the product oppose the price.

So, the problem is that the prospect is unable to see the value of the product and service you are offering and not the price.

If the price was the problem, have you ever wondered why people like to go to expensive restaurants for dinner when they could make it in their home for very little money?

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If the price was the problem, why people spend so much money on tickets to watch the movie in the theater when they could watch a movie at their home for very little money.

The answer is very simple, they see some value within the product over money. They have confidence in their decisions.


In order to close the deal, the sales professional must handle the objection properly. They should tell the prospect the benefits of the product as well as its features.

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Usually, people are unable to express their problems clearly. They cannot properly explain which problem is preventing them from purchasing the product.

So, the seller will have to be smart to such an extent that they ​​can express the problem of prospect better than the prospect.

If the prospect opposes the price, then they are saying that the price is too much compared to the value of the product.

The problem is that the seller is not able to show benefit to the prospect.

You cannot close the deal by lowering the price of the product, but by showing the value of the product to the customer and convincing them of their decision.

So it was all about the value and attitude of the prospect towards the product and not the price. If you enjoyed this blog (Price is not the problem in sales) and learned something from it then please spread my efforts on social media. This would help me a lot.

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Thank you!

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