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How to overcome “I’m happy with the way things are” objection in sales?

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How to overcome “I’m happy with the way things are” objection in sales? People don’t want to get out from their comfort zone. But what you can do as a seller. Read on…

Go, show your product, and close the deal. If sales was so easy, everyone would have been a billionaire by now.

But it is not like that.

Sales is easy if it doesn’t contain objections, a lot of objections.

Closing takes place only when there is no objection.

For that purpose, you need to handle objection properly.

Hello everyone, welcome to QuitOffer. Today we brought you an interesting topic for you i.e. ‘ How to overcome “I’m happy with the way things are” objection in sales?

To close the deal, the prospect must be doubt free.

The prospect withdraws money from his / her pocket in exchange for goods and services when there is no question in his / her logical mind about the product you are selling.

Handling objections is an art and that can be learned. You can prepare yourself before an actual objection is encounter in the process.

It is said that ‘ The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in the battle. ‘ This is true in the sales profession too. The seller should be well prepared for any kind of situation in the sale.

During a conversation the communicator may be in three modes one is listening mode, the second one is speaking mode and the last one is observing mode.

But there is one another mode which falls in bad communication skill i.e. thinking mode.

If you think for a while during the conversation with others it can get you out from the scenario. And this may lead to losing the deal.

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This is why you need to prepare yourself for any kind of situation or objection already, raised by the prospect.

In this blog, I tried to present a conversation between a seller and the prospect.

So, gather your concentration and read on…

Salesperson : Hello sir, good morning.

Prospect : Good morning.

Salesperson : I’m Vijay. A sales professional from ‘BigCarrier company’ ( A dummy name ) which is in the shipping business. BigCarrier ships goods abroad.

Prospect : Yes, I heard about your company.

Salesperson : Thank you.

Prospect : But why are you telling me all this?

Salesperson : Because our company has brought a good deal for you.

Prospect : What kind of deal?

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Salesperson : If you book one ship for a month then you will get our service for one week more.

Prospect : But I don’t need all this. I’m happy with the growth of my business and its earning. I’m happy with the way things are.

Salesperson : Sure sir, this is good that you’re happy with your business’ growth and you don’t need our services.

( The salesperson is applying the first and the foremost rule of selling i.e. always agree with the customer ).

But what if your business growth increases faster than now. ( This is where the seller is trying to show benefit to the prospect ).

Give me just 10 minutes and I’ll show how you can grow your business at a fast pace than now.

( Here the seller believes in his product, he knows that this offer can benefit the business, and this shows his confidence in what he is selling ).

Prospect : Thereafter, the prospect allowed him for further conversation.

Then the salesperson decided to show the value of his service. That’s why he required some information like the revenue, cost incurred by the business in the shipment of goods and services.

Salesperson : Let say, the revenue of your business is 1000cr.

( The seller himself guesses because if he asks directly, it can make the prospect uncomfortable ).

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From which you spend 100cr annually on the shipment of goods and services.

If you get our services the cost of shipment of goods and services would be reduced from 100cr to 70cr. And in this way, you save 30cr annually. This amount can be invested in other segments of the business.

You can also use this amount to increase the operational efficiency of your business which will increase your growth rate.

And as I see that your employees are working in very suffocating environment, you can invest this amount in ventilating the environment ( Here the salesperson is trying to draw the attention towards the problem facing by the employees ).

Prospect : And what if the revenue is 1200cr and the cost of shipment is 120cr.

Salesperson : It would be almost 36cr.

Prospect : Ok, then I will sign this deal.

So, this was the short conversation of a salesperson and the prospect.

Here the salesperson handle the objection by showing consent to the prospect ( when the prospect said that he is happy with the way things are ).

He also showed the benefit of his services instead of showing the features. The seller also believes in his services. He is confident that this product will help the business to a great extent.

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What did you get from this conversation?

By now, you’ve understood this conversation very well. So, what you got from this conversation? Let me know in the comment section.

In my views, the businessman said that “I’m happy with the way things are” because he is afraid of change and opposing it.

There is always some scope in every field.

By identifying the pain points of the prospect and by analyzing their business model intensively you can find out the problem facing by the business.

You can offer them a substantial solution to the problem.

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Also, he was unaware of the benefit of the services of the BigCarrier company.

But when the salesperson showed him the value of the services, the businessman agreed.

People don’t make purchases because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone.

But if the seller can increase the comfort of the prospect’s comfort zone and demonstrate it properly then they will help in closing the deal.


People do not get out of their comfort zone just because they believe that they will lose their life, which they are living. They remain oblivious to the fact that more comfort awaits them just one step away.

If you are unable to close the deal, it is only because you are not showing them the value of your product.

By showing them that you can enjoy more comfort by making this purchase, no one will deny your service.

So, this is how you can overcome “I’m happy with the way things are” objection in sales?.

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