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How to handle objections in sales with the most overlooked rule?

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What if you close the deal with every prospect you meet? What if you know how to handle any objection raising by the prospect? Have you ever felt your state of mind when you find the prospect raising objections? How your mind thinks at that moment and how it reacts? Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss with you the most important but ignored rule of sales in order to handle the objections. Today you will read in this blog How to handle objections in sales with the most overlooked rule?

The first and foremost requirement for handling any objection is that the prospect should be ready to get a clear answer to his/her question and wants a solution to his problem from you.

So, what comes to your mind so that the prospect can allow you to resolve the objection raised by him/her.

Just wait, don’t stress your mind, we are here to help you. Please scroll down to get this…

” This is black and not red? Yes, you’re right sir/mam, this is black and not red? ”

This was a portion of the short conversation between a prospect and a sales professional.

Is this manipulation? Was the seller trying to manipulate the prospect?

The answer is no, this was not manipulation but acknowledgment by the salesperson to the prospect’s perception that the prospect thinks that the color is black and not red. No matter what the color is.

The first and foremost rule of sales is to always agree with the customer. Showing disagreement can kill the enthusiasm of the prospect towards the product and service you are selling.

Moving forward in a conversation with disagreements creates a pile of objections in the prospect’s mind that drives the prospect away from the sale.

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That’s why whatever the objection is, the first and foremost rule to move towards the close is agreement.

I mention it as the most ignored rule in sales because sales professionals keep moving forward with the disagreement.

If the prospect has a wrong position regarding something then instead of showing that you are wrong. First show some consent with the prospect using some impressive words like, ” Yes, sir/mam you’re right. I agree with your opinion. You’re right with this data.”

These words smooth the conversation and make the environment comfortable for the prospect. You can clarify them with your opinion as you proceed with your presentation.

If people are showing objections and have questions related to your products or services, it indicates that they are interested in your product and want to buy them.

But for that, you need to help them.

Take the objections positively and use them to make the sale.

Consent doesn’t mean that customer is always right but by showing consent with the prospect you get the time to present the value regarding your product or service more efficiently.

Sales is not just about selling something and acquiring a stake in the form of commission. But it is about the effectiveness of your ability to deal with the possibility. Sales is about what kind of relationship you are building with the customer.

And if you look at your life more, you will find that you are more attracted to those people who like your choice. Those who agree with you the most, you like those people the most.

Look at your friend zone, your friends are those who agree with your choices. You like those relatives who support your opinions and stand by your side.

Consent indicates that you are the same type of person you are talking to, and it enhances the relationship.
People will not believe your beliefs until they realize that you understand their point of view well.

If you feel that the person whom you are talking to does not have the right information about something, then the best way to convert his/her wrong information into the right one is to show consent.


Most of the time the sales professional proceed with the conversation with disagreement and try to close the deal desperately. And in turns the prospect ignores them and then they fail to close the deal.

If you show your disagreement the conversation will go far away, if you show your consent you will find yourself in the depth of the conversation.

Consent acts as a magnet to attract prospects.

It doesn’t matter that you are a seller or not. You can use this rule even in your life. You can convince them by agreeing with them.

This practice makes the salesperson strong in the presentation.

Handling objections is the biggest challenge in the sales profession. Every seller wants to know how to handle any objections. The agreement may help them to do so.

So it was all about showing consent in sales which I was able to tell you. If you enjoyed this blog (How to handle objections in sales with the most overlooked rule? ) and learned something from it then please spread my efforts on social media. This would help me a lot.

If you have any questions or want to say something about this blog then comment below in the comment section.

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