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How can you make people to make money for you?

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You meet a lot of people in a day. Many people will have come in contact with you since birth. You know your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers and they know you. You have a large network of acquaintances. What if I tell you that this network can make you rich. What if I tell you that this network can enable you to live the life of your dreams. What if I tell you that this network of your acquaintances can bring a lot of money to you.

Hello all, today I brought you another informative blog with a new and interesting topic ‘ How can you make people to make money for you?

In this blog, we’ll try to find out the value of networking in sales. How can people you know help you in sales? How you can leverage your network to be a successful seller? How could people bring wealth for you?

What do you think about your network as a seller? How can it be beneficial for you? How will you convince others to make money for you?

Stay for a while and think about these questions…
So what your answers are, hope they would be worthy. Comment below your answers in the comment section they would be helpful for me and everyone. But for now, let me tell you about the benefit of networking in sales.

What is networking? and Benefits of networking

Networking in sales is the bonding or relationship of a sales professional with customers and others. Networking is about establishing relationships with people by knowing their likes, dislikes, and behaviors.

Think of a scenario where you meet with a person. You are very close to him. You know a lot about his likes, dislikes, attitudes, hobbies, beliefs, interests, income and business.

On the other hand, you meet with another person. You don’t know anything about him. He is a stranger to you.

Now, if I ask you with whom it is easy to close the deal?

What would your response?

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Probably you would say, ” The first one… ” because if you know someone’s likes, dislikes, attitudes, hobbies, beliefs, interests, income, and occupation it becomes easier to close the deal. Because you can easily arrange in advance the solutions of objections that may be raised by the prospect.

Understanding human psychology is an important factor in the sales profession.

Most sellers inadvertently work with people they don’t know. They try to sell their product to those whom they don’t know about their likes, dislikes, attitudes, hobbies, beliefs, interests, income, and occupation.

Businesses advertise to people they don’t know and are completely unaware of them. They make offers to them. They work for them. Even they ignore those they know well.

So what does this mean? Does this mean that you should only work for people you know? Does this mean that a company should advertise only to its existing customers? If so, how will their customer base and their business expand?

Here, you should not only work for those you know nor business’ should only work for those who are already associated with them. But before working for people and customers, you should be well known to their behavior.

You should develop a relationship with them. You can use your network to expand your network.

No one can complain that he has no network.

Because we are all connected to people right from birth. Some have a large network and some have a small but everyone has a network. It may include your family, school friends, college friends, neighbors, and the one you know something about them.

You can sell more to those you know well compared to those you don’t know.

If you are a seller and you are active in your network then you can sell more without much effort. People you know can help you earn more by purchasing your product.

You have to put in a lot of effort and even the chances are not very high to close the deal while meeting the people you don’t know.

Your network can help you become a successful seller.

Once you interact with a person try to make him/her your friend. Try to attract them. Further, you can sell.

Enhance your reach using your client’s network. Build a relationship with them.

The bottom line

Everyone has a network, but very few people make money using it.


This is true in the sales profession. The larger your network, the more opportunities you have to sell.

Never cheat your client. Sell them what you are committing. Build a good relationship with them. If they like your product and service they will share your work in their network. Word of mouth has a great power to enhance sales and generate leads for you.

Talk to new people, attend events on regular basis, be active on social media, invite people on some special occasions to help you expand your network. You should be seen in your network.

This is how you can use your network to make money for you. If you enjoyed this blog( How can you make people to make money for you? ) and learned something from it then please spread my efforts on social media. This would help me a lot.

If you have any questions or want to say something about this blog then comment below in the comment section.

Thank you!

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