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Do You Really Know What It Means To Sell?

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Hello, this is Naman and I am from Voltas. See this, this is an air conditioner. It has a lot of filters, sleep modes. It has an efficient copper condenser. Even it doesn’t make noise and follows the PIN DROP SILENCE rule.

So, this was Naman a Voltas‘ salesperson. After presenting all the features of the Voltas‘ air conditioner he then waited to close the deal.

Do you think this is known as selling? Do you think this is why sales are considered as the most lucrative field? Do you think this is what people often fail to do? Do you think this is the reason for which the profitability of businesses depends to a large extent?

You can get stuck in these questions. Just wait, please don’t stress your mind, today I am going to discuss with you a very popular and important topic which is ‘selling’. Today I have brought you a very interesting topic for you, I.e. ‘Do You Really Know What It Means To Sell?

Please scroll down To get the precise meaning of what means to sell:

Selling is nothing but the art of negotiating, persuading and convincing others. It is an art to make others believe in your beliefs, preparing others to take actions under your leadership.

You are a seller‘. You can be surprised by reading these words. But this is not a lie. You are a seller, everyone is a seller. A teacher, an engineer, a mechanic, a reporter, a politician, a cricketer, everyone is a seller. A teacher is selling his knowledge, an engineer and mechanic his skills, a politician tries to convince the public to be the winner in an election, a cricketer tries to adapt the situation to send the ball out of bounds.

Behind all these professions there is only one kind of skill and I.e. all the above-mentioned professionals are seeking to mold the situation as per their wish to get the commission. And this is what means to sell.

Every day, every person sells something to someone and gets his/her share as a commission. You are selling if you are trying to persuade someone in any way. No matter what’s your position is. If you are in front of an interviewer and trying to persuader his/her to hire you then you are the seller, if you are trying to impress a girl then you are the seller, if you are bargaining with the shopkeeper to lower the price of the product then you are the seller, if you want the consent of others on your ideas then you are the seller. The moral of the story is, where persuasion or reassurance is involved, ‘selling’ exists.

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You can sell something to someone only when you find some value within that product. And if you can’t then selling is not for you.

At the beginning of this blog, I said that sales are the most lucrative profession in the world because it does not bind over time but it depends on the skills of the seller to persuade the prospect and how he presents the value of their product to the prospect.

In our example, Instead of showing the value of the AC to the prospect, the salesperson Naman only showed the characteristics of his product I.e. Voltas‘ AC.

In order to close the deal, it is necessary that during the meeting the seller should touch an important question ‘why the prospect should buy this product?‘ (in our case AC). The product should be the solution to the problem the prospect is facing. But if the salesperson doesn’t get value in the product for himself then he can’t offer clearly why should a client make a purchase on this product?

If people are not buying your product, then by lowering the price and putting pressure on the buyer will not help you. Because the reason is not the price, but the prospect you are negotiating with is not able to see any value in your product.

So, while meeting the client, try to answer some questions ‘ How will this product change the life of the client?‘ , ‘ How will the customer be profitable after making this purchase? ‘ , ‘ What kind of client’s problem will this product solve? ‘ , ‘ What kind of problems is the customer facing without this product? ‘ , ‘ How big a wrong decision would it be for the customer not to make this purchase?


There shouldn’t be any kind of question over ‘Why selling is the most lucrative profession? ‘ Selling is what makes others work under your leadership. It is not just about selling goods and services and earning money in return, but molding others as per your wish.

Selling means showing the value of the product as a solution to the customer’s problem.

To close the deal first, you should sell the product to yourself, and try to present the value of the product efficiently as much as possible.

So, it was all about selling that I was able to tell you. If you enjoyed this blog (Do You Really Know What It Means To Sell?) and learned something from it then please spread my efforts on social media. This would help me a lot.

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