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7 Ideas For Building Trust In Sales | #6 You May Never Have Heard

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How you would sell a comb to a bald person? Can you sell a comb to a bald person? Can you make money by selling ice to an Eskimo? These are some questions by which people often try to gauge the sales professional’s ability to sell. Hello everyone, once again we have brought you a new topic i.e, 7 Ideas For Building Trust In Sales | #6 You May Never Have Heard.

Do you think if someone says yes to these questions then he/she is a good salesperson?

Usually, someone gets money out of their pocket to purchase a product because they see some value within the product. People purchase because the product they are paying for solves any of their problems.

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If a bald person buys a comb or an Eskimo buys ice from a sales professional, then there is no doubt that the sales professional showed them some value that has nothing to do with the prospect.

Therefore, it is baseless for a seller to sell something that has nothing to do with the prospect.

This is only possible by manipulating the prospect’s view and which cannot be a trait of a good seller.

Most of the time sellers are unable to close the deal because people are unable to tell what is on their mind but that prevents them from making the purchase.

At this time the seller needs to handle the objection but what kind of.

It may be a lack of trust that prevents the prospect from making the purchase.

People don’t trust the sellers because TV news broadcasts and newspapers are constantly making people aware of the scams and fraud committed by some sales professional.

They may have also been victims of some fraud.

Trust in sales is a must to close the deal. Trust in sales can give new heights to your profession.

Trust strengthens the path through which the prospect reaches you.

No seller can imagine his success without trust.

So how to build trust, how to remove doubts from the prospect’s mind, how to make the prospect feel that he is talking to an ethical sales professional rather than a thug.

Here, we brought 7 ideas that help to build trust in sales. Read this blog ( 7 Ideas For Building Trust In Sales | #6 You May Never Have Heard ) with your maximum attention if you want to build trust between you and your client :

1. Have a customer-focused approach: The reason for not closing the deal is not only that you couldn’t show them the value of the product as a salesperson rather, any bad experience of people can prevent them from buying the product.

In such a situation the salesperson need to extract that experience which is in the prospect’s mind.

For example, you are wearing a blue T-shirt, you may be perceived as an unethical sales professional because the prospect may have a bad experience with a blue T-shirt sales professional.

So, you have to be very focused for the prospect. Listen to them actively.

By having a customer-focused approach, the customer feels that you are serious about the customer problem.

Once you get all the doubts associated with the product, you will be able to establish a good relationship with the prospect.

2. Testimonials: People don’t want to be an experiment for anyone. They feel that if they are doing something then their chances of failing should be very low.

People want confirmation. They want to assure themselves by the third parties that what they are doing is not bad.

Use genuine testimonials with complete information from customers. Testimonials make your product credible and trustworthy.

Testimonials make the customer feel that someone believes in their product.

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3. I know you already: Research about your customer as much as possible. Know their culture, their language, their way of living and make them comfortable while your presentation.

Generally, people don’t want to talk to people with a low-standard than themselves, nor to people with a high-standard than themselves.

Low-standard people make them feel inferior and people often, not always, feel uneasy while interacting with high-standard people. People only like to talk to their equal people.

So, while meeting with the client, make them feel that you already know them. This will build trust differently.

4. What will happen when this happens?: ‘ What if your commitments are not fulfilled? ‘ Prospect may doubt on your commitments.

In most cases, people mistrust sales-professionals because the commitment they make fails and they no longer have a solution.

In such a situation you should have a solution if the commitments you are making fail in the future.

5. Show them instead of telling: People believe in written words. Always have the benefits, pricing, testimonials in writing for your buyers. People believe on written words more than heard words.

People are unable to remember for long. If you tell a story to one person and that person tells another. And if that story went through 100 listeners.

So you will find that a lot of changes will happen in that story-unknowingly.

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If you would like to hear the story from the last person, he’ll tell you a different story with many changes.

On the other hand, written words can’t be change unknowingly.

Written words become more realistic for the prospect.

You can feel it in your daily life that written words seem more attractive than oral words.

6. Highlight negativity: ‘ Negativity ‘ you have been taught that be positive while your presentation. Avoid negativity.

This may be good to an extent, but by exposing the negativity of the product you are selling, you can make the prospect feel that you are a true man, you can be trusted.

Because every product has a downside, but very few sales professionals highlight that aspect.

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However, you have to be very careful about this, as it can dominate the outcome of your presentation.

7. Make eye contact: Make eye contact during the presentation. Make your prospect feel that he/she is most important to you.

You are not a liar, the liars have their eyes sometimes up or down, sometimes they look to their right or sometimes to their left, but they don’t make eye contact with the people, they are interacting with.

Proper eye contact shows that you’re confident. It helps to build trust in relationships.

The Bottom Line

You can’t sell a product to a person who doesn’t trust you. You have to kill all the barriers and build trust in the client’s mind.

By manipulation, you may sell at once but this is not what makes you a good sales professional. For that, you have to build trust with the prospect.

Show them the true value of the product you are selling. You can earn more by building trust.

You have to make them feel that you are not a thug, but rather their well-wishers who themselves are benefiting with them.

So, these were 7 Ideas For Building Trust In Sales. If you enjoyed this blog (7 Ideas For Building Trust In Sales | #6 You May Never Have Heard) and learned something from it then please spread my efforts on social media. This would help me a lot.

If you have any questions or want to say something about this blog then comment below in the comment section.

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