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Never Do Yourself What Others Can Do For You

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There was only one name in the air of Wall’s kingdom i.e. ‘Strategy’ . Whose strategy can ensure victory before the war. Those who doubted him eventually ended up with embarrassment.

Policy(the king of Wall) believed in Strategy as the Monk believes in god.

Due to his impregnable strategy Strategy was considered as the powerful person of the kingdom.

But the ultimate power remains in the hands of the head of the state i.e. Policy.

Some people want to ruin his reputation.

But Where There Is Power, There Is Competition.

There were a lot of competitors who want to replace him. Milton was one of them.

He hatched a conspiracy against Strategy and decided to defame him in the eyes of the head.

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He arranged some true seeming evidence against Strategy and placed them before the king. Which made Strategy traitorous in the eyes of Policy.

These pieces of evidence stated that the Strategy was giving secret information to the enemy state.

The king Policy ordered for producing 1 lac arrows for the army within three days, or be put to death as punishment.

This very impractical punishment was very difficult for Strategy.

But he was known for his impregnable strategy.

He made a plan to win this situation and reported it to his very smart spy Daizen.

Daizen arranged more than a dozen boats and had bundles of straw to their sides.

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Daizen headed towards the enemy state with these boats.

This was the first phase of the great strategist Strategy’s strategy.

When Daizen reached near the enemy state with boats. Fearing a trap, the army attacked the boats with arrows from the bank.

As the boats were getting closer, their number of arrows was also increasing.

After a while, the boats returned from there with arrows which were driven by the enemy’s army.

And that is how he produced 1 lac arrows and saved himself from the punishment.

Here is the lesson to learn :

The Strategy was an intelligent person, doesn’t mean that he could do anything. This impractical punishment given by the head of state was not easy. But Strategy used its intelligence and got its work done by others i.e. the enemy state. He was well-aware of the fact that Never Do Yourself What Others Can Do For You. He collected all the arrows attacked by the enemy’s army and showed it to the king with a label made by Strategy.

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Here is what to learn as an entrepreneur :

The success of a start-up requires a team. It cannot be accomplished by a single mind. We know many startups and their founders, but hardly knows their employees. Founders know very well, what is needed to turn their dreams into reality can be brought by others. They convince others, tell them about their vision, and get their work done by others. You can take Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba, Amazon, and many more as examples. These brands are not the owners of the product, they are known for. They all get their work done by others. Facebook-the worlds most popular media owner creates no content, Uber-the worlds largest taxi company owns no vehicles, Airbnb-the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate. Alibaba-the most valuable retailer has no inventory. Amazon has almost no store.

Get your work done by others. There are a lot of people out there who can do work for you. You just need to use your brain like the character Strategy used in the above story.

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Always remember Never Do Yourself What Others Can Do For You.

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