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Sanjeev Bhikhchandani : A person who thinks differently

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There are few people who live their life as they wish. Yes man, we are talking about a person who always looks to the summit instead of focusing on obstacles. We are talking about the person who is the holder of some famous web portals along with some other unicorn startups. And that person is Sanjeev Bhikchandani, a name that distinguishes himself from the crowd. Sanjeev Bhikhchandani: A person who thinks differently, who dares to move on unknown tracks.

June 29, 1963, the day that gave this world a person who through his creative thinking brought a revolution in the world of the Internet. Sanjeev Bhikchandani, a man who wants to make his way at any cost, instead of choosing pre-defined tracks. He is the founder and executive chairman of Info Edge.

He was born in a middle-class family in Delhi, India. He is the son of a doctor father and a homemaker mother.

He completed his schooling from St. Columba’s School, Delhi. Thereafter, he did his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Economics.

After graduating in economics, he worked at Lintas, a marketing company, in 1984 as an accounting executive. Where he was assigned the job of Horlicks marketing.

Later in 1987, he went to the IIM Ahmedabad for pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).

Where he met Surbhi, a batchmate. Later, he married her. Who later proved herself to be a tree shade in the scorching sun in the life of Sanjeev Bhikhchandani.

In 1989, after two years, he worked as a product executive for Hindustan Milkfood Manufacturers {HMM}, which is currently recognized as GlaxoSmithKline.

Despite doing a respectable job, he did not indulge in a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, he decided to quit his job and started on the path of entrepreneurship.

It was 1990, he launched two companies Indmark and Info edge as a co-founder. Initially, Indmark and Info edge were concerned with pharmaceutical trademark inspections and salary reports respectively.

Three years after the launch of Indmark and Info Edge, Sanjeev Bhikchandani legally distanced himself from his partner’s alliance and gained complete control over Info Edge.

In 1996, Sanjeev went to the IT Asia exhibition in Delhi. While walking into the exhibition, he encounters a stall where “www” was written on the board. He was told that it stands for ‘ World Wide Web ‘ and from there he got a lot of information about the Internet.

Then, he realized that it could be helpful for job seekers to get job information via the Internet rather than getting it through newspapers.

Then, he came up with on 2 April 1997. Which later became a leading job portal in India.

The revenue of was showing substantial growth. After its launch, earned ₹ 2,35,000, ₹18,00,000, ₹36,00,000 in the first three years respectively.

Info Edge, which holds the title of the first Internet company to be listed on the stock exchange, is a very successful leader in the Indian Internet market.

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Inspired by the success of, Info Edge also entered into new web portals, it includes:-


Along with these online businesses the company also invested in some unicorn startups. Startups like Zomato { online food delivery platform }, Policy Bazaar { an online insurance company }.

Info Edge has touched highs in whatever sector it has set foot in. Whether it is education portal, recruitment portal, or its most successful matrimonial portal Even it has a respectful place in the real estate sector with its portal And this has been possible only due to the foresight and diligence of Mr. Sanjeev Bhikhchandani.


It is not easy to achieve your dreams, and not at all when you come from a middle-class family with a lean purse. But if you are committed to your goal you can do it, no matter what the situation is.

Sanjeev Bhikchandani, who did not have enough money to start a website, but at any cost, he aspired to build a successful website. And for this, he began offering the company’s stake to Contributors.

The success story of Sanjeev Bhikhchandani proved that the one who works with a plan can achieve success in any situation.

Sanjeev’s life also proved that being a middle-class boy does not create any hurdle to achieve your goal.

So, that is all about the story of Sanjeev Bhikhchandani in our ” Sanjeev Bhikhchandani : A person who thinks differently ” blog.

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